Modern Home Design Process

At Vita Design Group in Westport, CT, we see our role as that of a guide, helping you to successfully navigate the unique programmatic and environmental challenges of your project. We feel our strength is in the working relationship we have with our clients across Westport, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, and Fairfield, CT. We create a partnership throughout the process that not only results in the most enjoyable experience but in the most successful project. Discover our modern home design process and learn how the team of modern architects at Vita Design Group can help you create your dream property.


In this initial consultation, we will meet with you to learn about the objectives of your project. We’ll explore ideas, discuss possibilities and establish a common vision for creating your luxury modern home.


During this stage of the process, we work to develop the project criteria in detail through careful analysis of the site, spatial needs, zoning, and budget. Through the creation of plans, basic building massing, and energy conservation strategies, we develop a strong architectural design concept and pathway for our luxury modern home builders.


As the project comes to life, we strive to maximize the potential of the built form through study of materials and building systems in both drawing form and three dimensional modeling. We believe the success of a project comes in the continuity of architectural design vision between the building exterior as well as interior, where creative detailing and finish selection enhances the experience.


In this final stage, the architectural design solution is translated into detailed technical documents for construction. We continue to advocate for your best interests throughout the architecture and luxury design building process by representing you at municipal meetings for permitting, during the bidding process, and through regular site visits conducted from pre-construction through project closeout.

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