Need a Lift: Residential Home Elevators

Until recently residential elevators were considered something of a luxury item. However, since technology has improved and the price of elevators have become more affordable, installing them in many of our custom homes is becoming more mainstream.  Our clients are interested in the idea of future mobility and appreciate this independence within the footprint of their home. There are many advantages for installing a home elevator:

Improve Mobility

People who have a disability or the elderly can easily access higher floors. You can also carry heavier bulky objects, such as skis or luggage from the basement level to the attic with ease.

Increase your property value

Homes with an elevator make it more attractive to buyers who are concerned their mobility won’t be what it is now in the future.

Space Efficient

If you install a pneumatic vacuum elevator, it requires minimal floor space compared to a 36” by 48” standard elevator. For example, if the elevator has 3 stops, a vacuum elevator will need 27 square feet of floor space and a standard elevator will need 69 square feet of floor space.

Improve Safety

One of the most common ways people get hurt in their homes is on the stairs, therefore riding in their home elevator reduces that risk. However, some people have a fear of elevators, perhaps it is the confined space? But, homeowners should know that elevators also have safety features incorporated into them, such as an emergency alarm and light, interlocks for hoist way, slack chain, battery back-ups, emergency stop controls, in-cab telephone system, handrails and doors integrated with interlocks. They also have a manual lowering device which can lower the lift (from inside) in case there was a sudden breakdown.

Elevators come in many attractive configurations, finishes, sizes and colors, which add to the décor and interiors of the home design. This allows the architects at VDG the ability to incorporate the elevator into the aesthetic and design more easily. Some of our clients request the elevator to be inconspicuous behind a hallway door. However, check out the pneumatic vacuum elevator below, which will be installed into a custom home currently being built in Westport. This modern design is allowing our clients a full 360 degree view at their beach house besides access to higher floors. IMG_0250 (1) 7 Compo Beach-4