A Fresh Start – The Color White

White means safety, purity and cleanliness. During these challenging times, let’s think about using some fresh white paint on our walls as we spend more time in our homes. White is associated with light, goodness and it is considered the color of perfection. Therefore, our clients always ask to include white, this heavenly presence in their nesting place.

The color white can make a big impact in any room. White walls are a blank canvas. It represents unseized opportunities. A room can still possess other color or texture with textiles, accessories, finishes and furniture. The white walls just help provide a brilliant, serene neutral backdrop.

Our clients usually ask for our help with paint color especially white, as picking the right shade isn’t an easy task. The spectrum of hues and undertones that exist with this color are bountiful. White is the color of fresh snow, chalk and milk but can easily pick up yellow, crème, gray and blue undertones. We always make sure we perform a test patch for our clients and view the color at different times of day to see how the light coming into the room affects the color.

Below is our favorite list of whites from Benjamin Moore:

Clean Bright Whites

Chantilly Lace OC-65 (truest white, slight gray undertone we often tend to pick this for the walls of an entire home’s main space) We like the BM matte finish Aura line, in a sea of whites, this is our favorite.

Simply White OC-117 (not a true white, a warm white, cozy in any space, not too creamy has some yellow undertones) This white looks great on cabinets with ceiling or trim in Super White. This color is a crowd pleaser.

Decorator’s White OC-149 (bright neutral white, slight cool side) It looks best when pairing/combined with a room that has gray tones.

Super White OC-152 (crisp, bright, modern feel, no creamy undertones, great for trim and ceiling) It enables our architectural details to stand out in a space.

Pictures above feature Chantilly Lace walls and Super White ceiling which makes the steel trim detail pop around the windows in the kitchen, the shower doors in the bathroom and in this living room.

Picture above features Simply White cabinets/trim for a warm feeling with Super White ceiling.

Picture above features Decorator’s White painted shiplap.

After you make your paint selection, let’s get to painting your space, as your home is where you feel safe, secure and in control. The designers at VDG are here to help you design your dream home!